Subscription Boxes

New to Canada.  We are now offering a selection of different surprise boxes ranging from stuffed animals and toys, to more adult specialty products.  We are also offering a subscription to our latest product release of our Create-OH-Kink line.  All boxes ship in the first week of each month.  100 boxes of each subscription are available per month.  Once sold out, that month is no longer available for purchase. Each month will be a unique selection of products, choosen specificly for your subsciption tailored to you and or your mate to bring many smiles and memories for years to come.  All subscription boxes are free shippping, yes you read that right, FREE SHIPPING to all Canadian addresses!  We wanted to make sure no one here ever had to hear the words "sorry, we dont ship to Canada"  So we made it free for all Canadian residents. 

First release of all boxes will ship December 1-7 and arrive before Christmas Making it the perfect Gift.

Orders placed:                         First box shipped:

January     1-31                        March       1-7
Febuary     1-28(29)                 April          1-7
March        1-31                       May           1-7
April          1-30                       June           1-7
May           1-31                       July            1-7
June          1-30                       August        1-7
July           1-31                       September  1-7
August       1-31                       October      1-7
September 1-30                       November   1-7
October      1-31                      December    1-7
November   1-30                      January       1-7
December   1-31                      Febuary       1-7
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